About our food first:

As we all age and grow, we are looking for the right food to meet our needs whether it be allergies or whatever else concerns us. Rest assure that Moms is always thinking of family health, customer health and her health. Our catfish is fried in it's own oil separate from all other food, as well as our shrimp in it's own oil fryer. We use 100% soybean oil for all our food. (gluten and cholesterol free) Our catfish is 100% farm raised made in the USA. 

Our beef is Grain feed Angus beef free of hormones and antibiotics. . We slow cook our Brisket and Pork to tenderness and trim excess fat off. We strive to buy organic veggies also. 

My love of cooking overpowers my beginning career of nursing. I, mom and grandma went to college for my Associate of Science degree and got it. When on my way to RN classes, it struck me that my first love I was leaving behind which is cooking. I have cooked since the age of 3 years old when I made my first homemade pie crust and pie. No, not a mud pie. :) Ever since the age of 3 when making my first pie with my mom, I have cooked and managed many restaurants and loved every minute of it. So, this mom and grandma now is following her love of cooking and sharing her food to maybe put a smile on a face.When eating our food, just know our love is put in it and care to make your visit special.